Winter Walks Through Rome

For those ones willing to somehow escape the cold weather and snow, Italy will be a perfect destination, Rome for example is calm as never,less crowds at the museums, with shorter or non existent lines for Vatican and Colosseum, more space in a front of the shop windows for you to stare, cos that’s what visitors do, making crowds also there:)

For those ones searching for a cultural holiday, winter operas, symphonies and theatres will open a wide choice of program, having its seasons in full swing. But there is no price tag on the feeling that you calmly walk through Rome’s most beautiful places, stepping into cozy coffee shops and restaurants. If you need company Grom’s hot chocolate will keep you one, it’s new gelateria, that has earn its fame from Romans, but their hot chocolate is just what you will need wondering Rome’s ancient streets.

It’s located right few steps away from the famous Giolitti place Piazza Navona…there are countless flavors of ice creams and few for hot chocolate,thick with panna, fresh cream, which you can get a classic, white chocolate or another, that can’t really remember. The ice cream is famous of being creamy in a really unique way. Grom loves the world, everything is bio and planet friendly, from cups and spoons to the flavors. Get yourself a lazy afternoon in the capital with a cup of hot chocolate.

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